Can You Get Colored Contact Lenses For Cosplay?

The really short answer is YES.

But there are many things to consider when looking into colored contact lenses for your cosplay. I hope we can cover the most frequently asked questions, along with some safety concerns.

Do Colored Contacts Hurt Your Eyes?

Pretty Scary: Colored Contact Lenses Can Damage Your Eyes.

Experts claim that some colored contacts makers that develop vampire or zombie eyes for Halloween can trigger damages to the eyes. Make sure you have a prescription prior to using them. They don’t correct your vision, however then can potentially transform the shade of your eyes.

Can non prescription colored contacts damage your eyes?
If you do not see an eye doctor and obtain a prescription, the contact lenses you get may not fit effectively as well as may not work well. They could also damage your eyes. Occasionally wearing contacts lenses can harm the top layer of your eyeball (cornea).

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Can You Wear Contacts on Top of Contacts?

Putting more than one contact lens on your eye in layers is considered a poor idea. Do you want to alter the color of your eyes without requiring to wear prescription glasses and tinted contacts? There is laser vision modification which would certainly allow you to wear whatever tinted contacts you wanted.

Stacking your lenses implies that any type of germs is more probable to stick to them. Basically you are providing it an added area to adhere to due to the thickness of both lenses with each other. Germs can also be caught in between the two lenses.

Shade Your World With Colored Contacts
If you require vision improvement, prescription colored contacts are available in single vision. If you do not use eyeglasses and simply want to provide your eyes a color change you can definitely use tinted contacts, however you will still need a prescription from an eye doctor.

There are rare times when you intend to raise the density of a lens to assist covering a damaged cornea. However typically the response is that while you can, it will be painful and also damage with time as well as should not be done unless there is a very good reason.

The colored contact lenses you intend to use are also not wearable long periods of time, due to the fact that the lenses stay with your eyes like suction cup. The tinted lenses can not stay on for long. So basically NO, you can not use colored contact lenses over the regular contact lenses. Both kinds of contact lenses can not fit well together, which will in turn impact your vision.

Where Can I Get Colored Contacts?

How do I choose a contact lens color?
Opaque colored lenses are the ideal option if you have dark eyes. For a natural-looking modification, attempt a lighter honey brown or hazel colored lens. But if you really want to stand apart from the crowd, go with contact lenses in brilliant colors, such as blue or violet.

Does Spirit Halloween sell colored contacts?
Spirit Halloween is the best destination for all of your monstrous costume, celebrations and also house décor demands. They supply a SPOOK-ta-cular selection of unique contacts and also Halloween themed contact lenses for you to pick from at frightfully small cost!

Can you buy colored contacts at Walgreens?
All you need to get them here is your prescription and also can send colored contacts right to you.

Does Walmart sell non-prescription colored contacts?
Yes, Walmart can supply non prescription tinted contacts lenses. Walmart is marketing contact lenses in their stores as well as online where they have a variety of layout patterns and also many shades.

Does Acuvue make colored contacts?
1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Brand Contact Lenses provide tinted lenses by boosting your all-natural eye color as well as developing an authentic look. Offered with adjustments for near and farsighted prescriptions. Experience all-day comfort as well as wetness with their unique LACREON® Modern technology.

Does Party City sell colored contacts?
No. Party City doesn’t offer tinted lenses. The party supply shop does, nonetheless, sell various other sorts of costume glasses, consisting of glasses, goggles, as well as masks.

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How Much Are Colored Contact Lenses?

These lenses generally are sold independently in individual glass vials and can vary in price from $50 to greater than $200 per lens. Custom-made contacts are hand-painted as well as individually produced.

Common Expenses: Colored contact lenses vary enormously in price, relying on the style as well as kind of lens. Daily non reusable contact lenses are between $45 as well as about $90 monthly. Expanded wear lenses, which can be put on from one week to three months, price between $12 up to $90 for a month-to-month supply.

Can I Use My Glasses Prescription For Contact Lenses?

It’s Prohibited to Sell Contacts Without a Prescription.
BUT… You have found some wonderful cosplay contacts online that enhance your outfit flawlessly. The best part? You really did not need to get a prescription to obtain them!

Can I use my glasses prescription for contact lenses?
The easy answer to this question is no — you can not and need to not use your glasses prescription to attempt to determine your contact lens prescription.

Are Cosplay Contact Lenses Safe?

Yes, colored contact lenses are safe— as long as your lenses are effectively used and also cared for properly. It’s necessary that you see an eye doctor for a proper contact lens exam and also a fitting. This will guarantee your lenses are risk-free and also comfy and look natural on your eye.

You discovered some wonderful cosplay contacts online that match your outfit perfectly. As safe as they may seem, contact lenses are in fact clinical tools. So they’re regulated by the FDA for your health as well as security. You need to just use FDA-approved lenses in your eyes, for your safety and vision.

Are Halloween contact lenses safe?
Theatrical or novelty lenses are safe to wear — as long as they are properly used, looked after, as well as acquired from a genuine source. Placing the finishing touches to your Halloween outfit is not worth a sight-threatening eye infection from inappropriate contact lens use.

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How Do You Take Care of Cosplay Contacts?

  • Load the accompanying case with contact lens solution.
  • Saturate your contacts in the solution for a minimum of one day.
  • Based on your type you’ve chosen, some require more, but most at least a day.
  • Wash your hands and ensure there isn’t any type of lint after drying them out.
  • Make certain to put your lenses on BEFORE you use makeup.
  • Wear the device for a maximum of only 8 hrs daily.

Why Do Colored Contacts Burn My Eyes?

Eye allergies can make your eyes water, particularly if you are putting on contact lenses. Usual eye irritants that create allergic reactions– dirt, pollen as well as animal dander– can build up on and also under your lenses, creating irritation and discomfort. Eye allergies generally likewise trigger inflammation, itchiness and watery eyes.

Correctly fitting colored contact lenses might not trigger any type of discomfort or discomfort if utilized as per your optician’s guidelines. Wearing contact lenses safely will to not injure in the slightest. If you do feel any kind of pain I would certainly see your optician asap and allow them to explore your concerns.

Wearing contact lenses in the shower is inadvisable, both for the quality of the lenses themselves and for the user’s eye health and wellness. Bathing while putting on contact lenses is similar to swimming or sleeping with them in, and counts as one of the most typical mistakes in proper lens care.

How Long Can You Wear Colored Contacts In a Day?

Many contact lenses should not be used overnight, as it could increase the risk of eye infection. Contacts implied for day-to-day or one-time use can typically be put on up to 14 to 16 hours with no trouble, your physician might advise a contact-free hr or two before going to bed in order to relax your eyes.

General rule of thumb, do not use tinted contacts for more than 2 – 4 hours the very first time. You can, after that, progressively raise the period as your eyes adjust to putting on colored contacts.

How Long Can Contacts Stay In Solution?

If not wearing contact lenses right away, store them in a contact lens situation. Do not save your lenses in simple saline in place of Biotrue multi-purpose solution. Lenses may be stored in the unopened case until put on, approximately a maximum of 1 month.

How Many Times Can You Reuse Contacts?

Daily wear contact lenses can be cleaned for reuse for two weeks to a month prior to throwing out. Daily contact lenses are made to be put on throughout the day, however they can safely be reused for as long as a month.

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Who Cannot Wear Contact Lenses?

Unfortunately, not everybody can use contact lenses. There are many reasons particular individuals are unable to wear them. It might result from a health problem such as dry eye syndrome or the shape of their eye simply doesn’t enable them to be able to use contact lenses.

Is It OK To Wear Someone Else’s Contacts?

No, this is never a good idea, ever…
Eye care experts claim day-to-day disposable lenses are the best soft contacts. Never use somebody else’s contacts, particularly if they have been used. Utilizing other people’s contact lenses can spread infections or fragments from their eyes to your own.

So, if you use a lens suitable for somebody else, you might be in danger of it scratching your eye or doing various other damages as it improperly rests on your cornea. If you are attempting to wear another person’s contacts that in fact consist of a prescription, you might be doing significant damage to your vision.

Are Colored Contacts Illegal?

No, BUT… some business are operating unlawfully and utilizing risky product for their lenses. If the tinted contacts are not made with an accepted product, then the product itself is not FDA approved, and you are placing yourself in danger wearing them.

The FDA warns against ‘illegal’ colored contact lenses for Halloween. Furthermore, it is unlawful to acquire contact lenses without a prescription from an eye doctor.

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